Have you lost a tooth? A crown or bridge may be the right option for you. This long-term solution can help prevent the shifting or decay of remaining teeth, arrest periodontal disease or even prevent bone loss. Our dentists can help you understand why a tooth restoration through crown and bridge treatment may be a good option for you. They will also explain what is involved in the procedure.


Once we determine that crown and bridge treatment is the best option for you, a series of appointments will be scheduled. We start with a thorough oral examination, including an evaluation of your dental history. Any necessary x-rays are completed on the first appointment. It is important for you to keep all of these appointments to prevent any delays in treatment.

During the restorative procedure, we first anesthetize the area to be treated. Next, we carefully shape and contour the tooth or teeth to be crowned to allow the crown or bridge sufficient space for proper fit and appearance. Finally, we make an impression of the area and fit the teeth involved with a temporary crown or bridge for protection until your next appointment.

At the next appointment, we evaluate the final crown or bridge for proper fit before placing it permanently. Final adjustments are made – if necessary.


Since Smile MakeOver Dental Aesthetics & Implant Center has its exclusive in-house dental laboratory using the latest 3Shape Dental Scanning technology and milling process (CAD/CAM), the first in Angeles City, fabrication of the crowns and bridge is a breeze. A full mouth restoration (a true Smile MakeOver) can be done in 3-5 days with the 3Shape® Zirconia System and Tilite Crowns 3D. 5-7 days are required for other types of crowns. Our master lab technicians work closely with the dentist – reducing treatment time and achieving the best possible result. The Trios Pod Digital handheld impression machine adds extra comfort for the patient during impression taking for the fabrication of crowns. Normally people have gag reflexes when an impression is being taken in the traditional way. Aside from the comfort, the Trios Pod gives an accurate and detailed impression of the patient’s dental anatomy – another reason to choose Smile MakeOver.


STANDARD CROWNS are good for the budget and suitable for most types of teeth. The metal used in the coping is of a dark color material and over time a black shade would show along the gumline due to oxidation. In some instances, a possible allergic reaction may occur due to the composition of the metal. Standard crowns are among the heaviest in terms of weight composition and ideal for implant crowns as well.
TILITE CROWNS are an upgrade over the porcelain-fused and standard metal coping crowns. Still within budget and suitable for all types of teeth. They are more tissue friendly than standard crowns although they also have a dark metal coping. Tilite crowns are lighter because the alloys are combined with titanium – the only metal recommended by the FDA and ADA. Over time, oxidation may occur and could pose an aesthetic problem. Tilite crowns are ideal for implant crowns as well.
TILITE CROWNS 3D. Aside from the characteristics of the Tilite Crowns, the Tilite 3D is milled in a high-precision milling process using CAD/CAM technology. The 3Shape® Dental Milling System exclusively used for Smile MakeOver patients ensures a more perfect fit over the manual method. This, in effect, makes the coping lighter with a more precise fit. Ideal for implant crowns as well.
EMAX® PORCELAIN SYSTEM. Excellent for anteriors (front) due to its high-grade porcelain component. It is created using the Emax® Porcelain System and it is not recommended for posterior teeth as it may easily break due to more pressure exerted at the back of the mouth. More expensive than the Tilite crowns and ordinary metal coping but with excellent aesthetic qualities.
3SHAPE® ZIRCONIA SYSTEM. Aesthetically superior to crowns with metal copings, it is also the strongest available material among this group of crowns.  3Shape®Zirconia Crowns employ a CAD/CAM technique to ensure the thinnest, yet strongest, fit for a crown. The human bite strength is far below the breaking threshold of the Cercon® Zirconia Crowns. It is also a very tissue-friendly material. Good for all types of teeth but not suitable for long-span bridges. Ideal for implant crowns as well.